An article by Courage Mbon

It was one of those Monday mornings, the boardroom at the
corporate headquarters of bush house Nigeria was filled to
capacity. Staffers of the organization had convened for the
“leadership clinic” a weekly mentoring meet facilitated by the
President, Bush House Group- Akparawa Michael Bush.
On that day, the boss spoke to us about consistency. He
urged us to keep at what we do. “…If you keep at it, no
matter how long it takes, one day, you will strike gold!” To
buttress the point, he sited the example of Abraham Lincoln
and then he said it! “…in fact, to bring it home, you know the
man all of you are laughing at now?” We made wild
guesses, but none got it, “…Buhari, General Buhari! Mark
my words, someday, that man will be President of this
I don’t want to bore you with the details of his struggle…
His frustration… His anguish!
That man knows grief! He has been defeated time and
again, he is a man of sorrows.
Yet still, he kept at it!
Year after year, he dutifully bought the form
Each time we pushed him down, he got right back on his
Each time we smeared mud on his face, he wiped it away,
and took it with a smile
Friends, hate him or love him, you’re looking at The new
leader of Black Africa!
This is the face of Change
This is the voice of the black race!
Lessons? Keep at it!
No matter what they say, keep doing what you do!
In the words of my boss, “…If you keep at it, someday,
you’ll strike gold”

God Bless Akparawa Michael Bush
God Bless Mr President Elect – GMB
God Bless Nigeria!