The prime minister has refused to say she would vote for Brexit if given the chance again. She campaigned for Remain in last year’s referendum, but is now tasked with steering the UK out of the European Union.

Asked if she would change her mind if she could vote again, Theresa May refused to answer the ‘hypothetical question’. She said: ‘I voted remain, I voted remain for good reasons at the time. But circumstances move on. I think the important thing now is we should all be focused on delivering Brexit. ‘We are not having another referendum, we are going to deliver on behalf of the British people.’ LBC interviewer Iain Dale asked: ‘You can’t tell me you would now vote Brexit?’ Replying, she said: ‘I’m being open and honest with you. ‘I am prime minister ensuring I am going to deliver Brexit.’

She said there was no point answering how she would decide in a vote now, against a different international and economic background. But Mr Dale said Jeremy Hunt had answered, saying he would now change his mind and vote for Brexit because George Osborne’s economic predictions had not come true and he was fed up with the belligerent attitude of European Commission.

However, Mrs May wouldn’t be drawn on the question, insisting only that British people had voted for Brexit so that is what she would deliver. ‘I could sit here and say “Oh I’d still vote remain” or “I’d still vote leave” just to give you an answer,’ she said.

‘What I did last time was I looked at everything and came to a judgement, and I’d do exactly the same this time round. But we’re not having another referendum.’